DIY Birch Holiday Tree

For the holiday season, I envisioned making a rustic tree out of real birch branches, so over the weekend I pieced this one together then embellished it with a few decorations. I enjoy doing a few DIY projects around the holidays and this one is my latest creation. I love the papery white bark of …

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Weekend Reading

Happy weekend everyone. I started working on a DIY holiday tree made with birch logs today, if it turns out the way I plan I’ll be sure to share it. I’m also hooked on the TV series Fleabag, it’s quirky and different, but so far I’m entertained and halfway through Season 1. My friend tells …

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Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas

Hello friends! Thank you so much for the lovely comments from my last post on saying no to stressful obligations during the holidays. Such insightful comments! For the next few days I’m working on an important gift, I’m assembling all the best pictures from my teens’ childhood, uploading them, and having a book made for …

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